3 ways to get a jump start on your PRism entry

By: Grace Jones, Consumer Brand Manager, Dayton Children’s Hospital and PRSA Dayton Area Chapter Communication Chair

Even though the PRisms happen every year they always seem to sneak up on me. Does that happen to you too? Throughout the year our team will say things like “o we should save that for the PRisms” or “Don’t forget that for our Prism entry next year!” And yet every February/March I always seem to be scrambling to get all of my great details together for my awards entries!

So in order for us all to be a little more organized this year, here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years that can help prepare you for writing a great PRism entry when the application comes out in a few weeks!

  1. Brainstorm your entries: The categories basically stay the same every year so go back and check out last year’s categories and start brainstorming with your team what you did the previous year that would make sense to enter. Picking what projects you want to focus on now will keep you from stressing later when it comes time to write your entries! I’m even going to make it really easy for you and provide the list of categories below.

    PRO TIP: Spend some time with your team looking through the explanations of the categories here. Brainstorming together can help you come up with the best things from your year to enter!       

      • Community Relations
      • Public Service
      • Media Relations
      • Investor Relations
      • Special Events
      • Internal Communications
      • Marketing Communications
      • Crisis Communications
      • Websites/Electronic Media/Social Media
      • Creative Writing
  2. Pull your data: Now that you’ve chosen your categories it’s time to start pulling your data. Trust me, this can be one of the most time consuming parts of writing a PRism entry, so starting it now will really help you. 

PRO TIP: Throughout the year keep documents with data for big projects you work on. That way when it comes time to write an award entry you don’t have to go digging it all up! 

Types of data/background info to pull:

    • Any research you did and what were the results
    • What were your SMART goals? If you aren’t sure what a SMART goal is, go look it up and start using them!
    • Your results. This includes things like people in attendance, social media reach, traditional media reach etc…
    • Budget

  1.  Get visual: When I’m judging entries from other PRSA chapters I love to see visuals of what you did. It’s great to read about it but it’s even better to see it. Start pulling together screen shots, JPGS, videos etc… of things that showcase what you accomplish. Put these all in one Word/PDF document that can be easily scrolled through by a judge.

    PRO TIP: Don’t include all 1000 pictures from an event you organized. Pick the two or three that really showcase what you did and why it was special!

More details about the PRisms will be coming out in a few weeks including the official entry form. Be sure to keep up with the Dayton Area Chapter online and social media for details!

Good luck with your entries! I can’t wait to see your awesome award winning entries at the awards ceremony in May! 


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  1. Holly

    Jan. 26, 2017

    The entry form can look daunting but it is actually a roadmap of EXACTLY what you need to put in the entry to win. Follow it to the letter to maximize your score. (Or don't. I kinda like getting Best in Show)


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