Real-life PR pro confession: Taking time away for professional development can be tough amid deadlines, conference calls and projects. But, it’s worth it!

I recently attended Content Marketing World in Cleveland and learned during sessions focused on topics ranging from lead generation to writing. Some of my favorite lessons – and perhaps most useful! – came in the form of a “working with sales” session. Led by Jeannine Rossignol, How to Create a Communication System with Sales so They Actually Use Your Content was full of great tips like these:

  • Create an amnesty program with sales. Reps are likely creating materials for some purpose they feel like marketing isn’t meeting, so offer them “amnesty,” asking them to submit what materials they’ve found necessary to create (without any repercussions/punishment). This helps generate the discussion of why they feel like they need this piece of content. Perhaps there’s a way you can work together to make sure everything is professional and consistent, while giving sales what they think they need – or maybe you have a piece of content already they’re unaware of that will serve the purpose.

  • Create personas for the sales team. What do you know about them? What’s their day like? Their pressures? What do they need and when? Learn how they sell and determine ways to complement their processes with content.

  • Consider using a dashboard that shows how marketing metrics support sales results that support business results. It helps convey your efforts and successes in a way that supports both sales objectives and broader business objectives.

  • Go on sales trips. Schedule calls to pick rep brains. Get to know their thoughts and perceptions, questions and challenges by hearing them directly from the sales team.

What have you found successful in working with sales? Are there other great professional development conferences or workshops you recommend?


Meghann Naveau
Content & Social Media Manager, Medical Division
Midmark Corporation


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