Three Ways the Modern PR Woman "AKA" Superhero Can Advance in the PR Profession

The modern, 21st century woman has a career, a family, and a social life.  While we possess the skills necessary to handle all of these factors, it’s easy to compare us to superheroes. 

Here are some quick characteristics of the modern PR woman/superhero:

  1.  We can balance two handfuls of schedules at a time, plus our own.
  2.  We can work a full time job, make it to a board meeting (or two), host an event, and be home in time to tuck the kiddo(s) in.
  3.  We live and breathe social media.
  4.  We are natural problem solvers in every aspect of life…expect for math.
  5.  We connect more people than Facebook and LinkedIn combined.

So, with these amazing characteristics – how can we keep growing the momentum for women in this field? The PR field is currently dominated by women; however 89% of men hold the upper management positions? Here’s how we can strive for change:

  1. Empower your female employees to be active in the community, join boards, and continue their education. This will put more women on the path to becoming leaders by preparing them for upper management positions/roles.
  1. Encourage women to encourage other women.  Women will never break the glass ceiling if we don’t help each other out. 
  1. Be an employer who offers flexibility in work schedule.  As women, we are expected to do everything…and then some.  Allow us to be better employees by not pressuring us to make detrimental, arguably unjust, decisions (i.e. not being able to take our child to the Doctor because we are scared of missing a work meeting). 

Let’s continue to grow in this field and work together to get those seats at the C-level table. We know we are superheroes but sometimes, we have to remind the world. 

By: Samantha Elder

Samantha Elder is a Dayton native who started PR in PUMPS, LLC, a mobile PR + events group, in 2016, with clients in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. In March of 2017, Samantha began working as a Communications Specialist for the Consumer Experience Resolutions team for CareSource; allowing Samantha to make an impact in healthcare, a field she is very passionate about.

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