How Learning Collaboratively Can Jump Start Your Success

By Kaitlyn Kraus, Marketing Specialist at TriComB2B and PRSA’s 2019 Young Professional of the Year

Being recognized as PRSA’s Young Professional of the Year is a proud moment, especially considering the talent that surrounds me in Dayton. Winning means that I am on the right path forward for my professional development and have been recognized by my colleagues for my hard work. I am incredibly honored and excited for the future.

Working as a Marketing Specialist for TriComB2B positions me as one of our agency’s communicators with our audience. It’s my job to show our clients and potential business partners who we are and share the incredible work we do. That’s important! I love our team and I get to share each of their personalities and triumphs as part of my day-to-day. It's a great feeling to be one of our team’s biggest supporters.

Outside of work, I use the knowledge I’ve gained from TriComB2B to improve the engagement and support local organizations like South Park Neighborhood and the Humane Society of Greater Dayton receive. It’s an amazing experience to be involved with these organizations and work to encourage others to join in on improving our Dayton community.

One of the biggest influences on my professional career thus far has been Chris Eifert, one of TriComB2B’s principals and my direct supervisor. He encourages me to learn, to try new things while pushing me to improve every single day. Eifert trusts me to share the message behind his and his partner’s business and it’s an amazing feeling to be trusted with something so important.

For those hoping to improve themselves and reach a higher level in their career, I would encourage them to never stop learning. There’s always new information to learn or different perspectives to experience. Strive to become a subject matter expert, develop a new skill in your free time, or spend time listening to others experiences.

Public relations as an industry has the ability to influence others through the use of storytelling, but the way in which we tell those stories is constantly evolving. To continue to improve the industry in the future I will work to combine key aspects from public relations, digital platforms and search engine optimization. A press release is no longer enough for readers to find the information they’re seeking. By using data-driven approaches, best practices and collaboration I will continue to expand my skill sets and adapt to the changing digital landscape.

A University of Dayton graduate, Kaitlyn Kraus leads content development and curation on the marketing agency TriComB2B's social platforms, website, and web presence. After business hours, this yogi practices catching the calm at a local studio.

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