Don't make these Intranet mistakes - Tips from our June speaker, Shannon Ryan


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Shannon Ryan is CEO of nonlinear creations.  He co-founded NLC in 1995 and is responsible for the overall leadership, vision and execution of the strategic roadmap of the company, including the company’s current expansion in Brazil.   His June 11 presentation at the Dayton Engineers Club focused on building Intranet for NLC clients… but it was also about understanding the client culture to make communications work.

Don’t make these mistakes!

  1. Forgetting that time is your enemy.  You can’t take two years to plan an intranet…  Everything will have changed.
  2. Not adhering to the Pareto Principle (the “law of the vital few”).  20 percent of employees drive 80 percent of value.  Build what the client wants, but it’s up to you to choose. Not all clients are equal. For who are you building?
  3. Not driving ROI. Measure and promote
  4. Not calculating the time and money savings you will provide.  Your client needs it to fight the budget war for the project.
  5. Buying software as a solution but not gaining productivity. Think use-adoption equation; train management; know the users.
  6. Too much governance is a recipe for disaster. Understand the culture.

Clues to converting the culture:

  1. Expecting something different because of a new tool is dangerous.
  2. Work with a group of 10 to teach base concepts.
  3. Stop group emails. Eliminate cc.  It’s a tough culture to break.  Direct information to a specific collaborator.

Have fun!

  1. An internal news broadcast is a great way to start the day on intranet. One client has a group who make entertaining new employee videos.
  2. Encourage contribution of content and provide recognition.
  3. Go social; encourage contributions with contests, etc.


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