Are you Enjoying the Journey? By Susan Kaiser, PRSA Dayton Area Chapter President

Susan Kaiser, PRSA Dayton Area Chapter President

I had the opportunity last fall to attend the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference and Leadership Rally. I was so inspired by all the speakers during the conference. I came back refreshed, motivated and with nuggets of information and ideas that I wanted to share with others.

One speaker, in particular, was so passionate and motivational. Her name is Elise Mitchell, CEO of the Dentsu Global PR Network, and author of “Journey Mindset: The Quest for Passion and Purpose” and “Leading Through the Turn: Destination Leadership, Journey Mindset.”  If you’re looking for some new reading material, maybe you will want to try one of these books.                                                     

Some topics that several people always seem to be interested in are time management, work/life balance and leadership development. Elise touched on all these things as she spoke of her journey from a one-person PR agency that she started from scratch, becoming successful and then selling her business to a global company where she resides as CEO.

Elise also spoke of leaders being very goal-oriented and driven, setting and achieving compelling goals, and she talked about striving for significance in her own leadership journey because she needed something more. She needed to find passion and purpose in her work, so she began to view the importance of the journey, not just the destination. She then transformed her approach to work and her personal life. Her latest book incorporates suggestions on “how to make time work for Are you enjoying the journey?

I am looking forward to attending the PRSA International Conference again this year in Boston and sharing a summary with you in November.

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